Petrified by a trip to Amman, Jordan | Tanya GO Travel
I believed after so many travels and dozens of spontaneous trips to more than 60 countries all over the world, nothing can shock me anymore. To surprise me - Yes. To make me excited - Yes. To make me inspired - Yes. But I really thought there was no longer room for being shocked. Well...I was wrong. Amman, the capital of Jordan, managed to do it. I remained almost petrified after a short trip to Amman. Already in Amman, I found out how important is to keep the balance between expectations and reality. Otherwise the gap could be overwhelming. I have already been in Jordan. Six years ago, with a tourist group, I landed at Aqaba on Red Sea for approaching the most famous sightseeing nearby - Petra and Wadi Rum. It was a short programme with very hectic schedule. That's why, after been in Jordan, I thought nothing could take me out of the balance. But six years ago I did miss to visit its capital - Amman, where several things shook me off and threw me beyond my