Karnak, Egypt – a tale as old as time | Tanya GO Travel
The very first time I saw Karnak, Egypt was in August, 2005. Then I had no idea August is a monstrous month for visiting the Egyptian desert. But upon my arrival, it was immediately revealed. 50 degree Celsius at 2 pm, dust everywhere, no shades available and the sand was burning under the feet. But guess what? I loved it. Karnak is the most mysterious spot you could picture in Egypt. It's massive, all coloured in my favourite ochre nuance, stands proudly tall in the middle of nowhere, whispering a tale as old as time. 10 meter tall columns of Karnak, arranged in rows We already spoke about the fact I adore deserts (for some unknown to me reason so far) and am a huge heat admirer as well. Those both, plus some extra unexpected discoveries, made my journey to Karnak unforgettable. After the pyramids and the Sphinx in Cairo, the visitor assumes there is nothing more remarkable to blow their mind away or to leave them speechless. But Karnak was the ancient