My no longer favourite airport | Tanya GO Travel
Landing again at Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, I realised the last several years I was flying mostly via two airports for connecting my next flight – the current one in Istanbul and Heathrow in London. Almost every month it's meant to step at one of them. Should admit, though, I am more often at Ataturk. Seems like it was customised lately for nightmare transfers and unfortunately, it's no longer my favourite airport. The overcrowded long long queue, even before entering the International transfers circle walk It's such a pity, because Istanbul is supposed to be a door between Europe and Asia, Europe and Africa as well. I even considered it long ago the most comfortable airport for connecting flights in those directions. Firstly, because of its location (just an hour flight away from my hometown), secondly - because of the number of destinations it provides and connects. It used to be my favourite airport for lots of years. I am hardly trying to find the answer