Solo traveling SUPER benefits | Tanya GO Travel
Being single, not committed or just alone at the moment, could never be a reason for not traveling and not visiting your dream places. On the contrary. Being a solo traveler would introduce you to the super benefits, which you can't experience while in a group or in a couple. I am the one who knows it better. Most of my trips were solo and I have never regretted it. Actually, I can't point to even a single trip of being boring, disappointing or just ruined. My solo travels provided some of my greatest memories and convinced me there is nothing more thrilling than being a solo traveler. Don't you trust it at all? If you get familiar with my life philosophy, would probably manage to avoid those doubts. Let's imagine you are about to get married, but can't find the dream white dress. Would you turn the wedding down? No way! You would probably change the colour of the dress, the design, the length, but won't cancel the event. Another story - you are unemployed and were applying for a job