The best season for traveling Europe | Tanya GO Travel
I should admit in the very beginning I am completely biased. October is my absolute favourite month of the year and it's easy to explain why and how. But the explanation works out only if you are already in Europe, grown up somewhere around or were always curious to visit it and see it in its entire beauty. I would try to convince you that from mid to the end of October is the best season for sentimentally traveling Europe and see it in unexpected light. I have always had this impression of peace and gold, covering Europe in the autumn. But September is still too hot and looks more less like summer. November is already too cold and one foot to the winter. So, the best and the only real autumn golden month is October. In my homeland, Bulgaria, we have a funny way to define the real summertime. The rule is simple and easy to memorise. All the months without letter "R" in their name's spelling, are the real summer months. Regarding that rule, the summer should last four