8 unbeatable reasons you must visit La Gomera | Tanya GO Travel
This island is often called "Isla Columbiana". There is a reason, revealed below. The place is also popular as "The magic island" or "The island of the eternal spring". It depends on the perception of the visitor. What I am certain of - there are at least 8 unbeatable reasons you must visit the island. I am speaking about the one in the Atlantic ocean, part of the Canary insular group, officially named La Gomera. You already know I am a huge admirer of islands, but this one literally took my breath away. There is nothing else like La Gomera. This tiny, only 25 km in diameter, piece of land near the Moroccan coast of Africa, has so many unique features, that is much ahead in comparison with the other six Canary islands. One of the smallest (El Hierro is the behind), La Gomera is probably the most interesting and thrilling of the Spanish archipelago. Mostly mountainous volcanic island, only 30 km away from Tenerife (the most popular of the