10 core skills to improve by travels | Tanya GO Travel
I am convinced, traveling is the best and the funniest way to improve your core abilities. It doesn't matter how we are going to call it - skills, expertise, know-how, techniques, competences, mastery, but these are the crucial strengths that determine the career path, abundance and life satisfaction. There is no other school like the world travel with such a talent to shortly develop a large number of essential skills. And all this in a pleasant way, while enjoying the journey, not being stuck in a classroom or annoyed by boring lecturers. Does it sound appealing? Come on, there is no other answer than YES. I guess, just a few of you visualised the number of skills, able to be improved and developed by travels. Getting better unnoticeably, without making hard efforts is everyone's dream. If there is a chance for achieving it by just traveling the world, why not to start immediately?! Perhaps some are still in doubt and can't clearly see how to