How did I get into Aberdeen prison | Tanya GO Travel
The first reasonable question expectedly is: "Where the city of Aberdeen is?" I'll try to properly explain it. Do you remember when I went By train to the end of the world? Well, Aberdeen is located exactly on the opposite edge of the planet. I almost reached the South Pole, but for finding Aberdeen, you should cross whole Africa back, then whole Europe, also go through La Manche channel, jump on the Great Britain island, then go straight North, crossing the whole island and when you are about to fall into North Sea, your journey is completed and you are right in Aberdeen, Scotland. Does it sound freezing? Ohhhh, it really does. When I flew in March those 45 minutes from London to Aberdeen, I did not expect such a huge weather difference. I left London on 17 degrees C (63 F) but arrived in Aberdeen on 1 C above zero (34 F). In addition, it was windy (located right on North Sea shore), at the same latitude as Norway. The city is actually full of Norwegians,