Magic happens where comfort zone ends | Tanya GO Travel
To Susan Knapp and all the great people who were meant to boost my life experience An Irish friend of mine keeps asking me every time he talks to me how did I manage to visit so many countries. Same reaction when he read my travel blog for first time. His conclusion:"Oh, Tanya, you were so lucky for traveling the world". To be honest, that's not the first time I hear how lucky I am for having all those trips (more than 60 countries visited). Every time I hear it, I become a bit irritated. You can't move forward without leaving your comfort zone behind. And that's the lesson I learned in a hard way. No, Ivan, there is no such a thing like luck, especially visiting different countries. It's a spirit. You just need to be brave enough for not only dreaming where you would go, laying in bed at night or staring at stars. Don't get me wrong, I such a dreamer too. Laying in my bed, sleepless, imagining different exotic places and seeing myself walking right there. That