NYC vs. London. Which one is better? | Tanya GO Travel
Of course, I know the answer. :) It might be not your preferred one, though. This argument is old like the world and many people try to compare those two great cities. Is New York City (NYC) or London the better one for living? There are lots of pros and cons. I'll share just my own experience and point of view here. London, with Themes river above Waterloo bridge It sounds weird to me, how something elegant, aristocratic and colourful could be compared with an industrial, grey and overcrowded spot. But you know what? I don't mind to argue about the subject at all. I am sure each city has its followers, who would die to defend their favourite living place. If you are one of them, feel free to join me. Heading to NYC via Queensboro bridge I am hopelessly optimistic and would probably find a positive trace in both, of course if it exists. Speaking about pros and cons... do you know the joke about the optimist, going to the cemetery (a Christian one)? I am sure all of you have