Thousands of miles coffee journey | Tanya GO Travel
If I ask you right now, where the best coffee ever could be found, what's going to be your answer? Let's bet, I'll get at least 30 different options. Everyone would insist to know better where the best coffee in the world is. It's kind of a tricky question, because what I asked actually was : Where the best cup of coffee is served, not where the best quality coffee beans grow:) Wherever it is, would you travel to get it served? Well...probably most of the answers were NO. I believe, plenty of you are still dreaming about the coffee you ever tasted, a coffee probably made thousands of miles away. I expect arguments about the best coffee of the world location. A regular cup of coffee is not something unique, most of us start the day with. How addicted are you? Do you enjoy daily the favourite cup of coffee? Does a particular caffeine mixture influence your performance? My secret best coffee ever My own coffee story is a bit different. I am NOT a passionate coffee drinker. I