Bathing in the heart of volcano | Tanya GO Travel
I can't imagine another adventure like this - bathing in the heart of volcano. It's an amazing experience that keeps you soaked by emotions, dunked in the nature's deepest secrets and inexplicable power. Sounds a bit mysterious, but at the same time thrilling. For a restless traveler like me, being at the heart of volcano and having a bath in there, is a lifetime memory, which I'd probably renew and rebuild one day. When I went to this remarkable place, located in Pirin mountains, Bulgaria, I had no clue I am stepping in a volcano chimney. I know, I know what you are going to say right now! You have never heard about a volcano in Bulgaria, neither in Southeast Europe? You'd expectedly object it - the only active volcano in this part of Europe is Etna on Sicily island, Italy. Well...almost correct, but I am either so. Let me tell you the complete story and the mystery will be finally revealed. I promise you, it's worth it and makes it kind of a fairytale. Volcano