By train to the end of the world | Tanya GO Travel
That's me, on a South African train, heading to the end of the world. Trying to be brave and confident in an environment that scares me. I heard so many horrifying stories about single women, traveling alone by train in South Africa. That's why I already placed a smile on my face, hoping to look friendly, but tough. Keep fingers crossed no one to get any closer during my 70 minute journey from Cape Town to Simon's Town. I was properly instructed by some local mates how to behave, what to do and what not to. Usually I have no fears, busy to enjoy life and curious to discover it, but this time too many warnings, too many things to be cautious of, too much advice... I got the impression every trip by train in South Africa finishes dramatically, mainly in a bad way. Jumping on that train, I immediately faced three opportunities ( in regard to my mates' directions) - to be robbed, to be raped or even better, to be killed. Thank God, the reality was not as scary as the tales were.