Disappointing Akagera National Park, Rwanda | Tanya GO Travel
It takes six hours by car to cross Akagera National Park, Rwanda. My first wild animal safari in Africa. As you can guess, I was totally excited. Sure, I have already seen all those animals at the zoo, but it's a different thrill to observe them in the nature, freely running and following their daily routine. So... early in the morning, armed by my excellent mood and fully equipped for the wildlife, I found myself on the way to Akagera. Akagera is about three hour drive away from the Rwandan capital Kigali. Most of the roads are really good, the best asphalt you can expect, no holes, fully flat and comfortable. Just the last eight kilometres were driven through a bumpy dirt road. But not so bad, even found it charming. The journey to Akagera itself is kind of an adventure. We passed beside very poor villages. The road is overcrowded by pedestrians, both sides and it's hard a vehicle to be met. Akagera National Park entry The drivers attention is mostly focused on not to cause