Krapets – the last Black Sea bastion of tranquility | Tanya GO Travel
Krapets is a small village nearby Romanian-Bulgarian border, right at the Black Sea coast. A peaceful, quiet bay, not conquered by concrete and tall buildings yet. It's a remote area, where the villages have pretty weird names - Krapets, Durankulak, Shabla. A forgotten place, not touched much by the urbanization and civilization. A wild spot, where the luxury and the snobbism are unknown. The visitors still could reunion with the nature and are able to fully enjoy it. I have fallen in love with this almost invisible, extraordinary piece of the Black seashore 32 years ago. The last time I saw it was in 1991. Nowadays I was excited to find out Krapets has not lost even a breath from its charm and unique spirit. It's a fairy place, where you can meet the sunrise in a complete silence. Then to stare at the sunset in peace, after a tiring energy consuming day on the beach. 30 years ago it was a rough coast. Lots of cliffs around, wrecked ships, thick forests right at the edge of the empty