TOP 20 things TO DO in Egypt | Tanya GO Travel
Not sure how many times I have been to Egypt - six or seven. After the second time, I stopped acting like a crazy enthusiastic tourist and started looking mostly for extraordinary, specific experience. Except all the remarkable sightseeing, Egypt is providing lots of lifetime memories. I have collected all mine in TOP 20 TO DO things in Egypt plus some extras to the main topics. A single trip to Egypt is not enough Egypt was my first kind of Middle Eastern country, my first desert, first camel ride, first snorkelling to a coral reef, first big deal after exciting negotiations, first 52 degree Celsius desert experience, first .... I can keep going this way... Since my first visit (12 years ago), I discovered much more first things, related to Egypt. What I am certain of a single trip to Egypt can't be enough. At the pyramids with an Egyptian police officer When I visited Egypt for the first time, there was not such a threat of