TOP 10 dangerous tourist spots in Istanbul | Tanya GO Travel
Don't be shocked, but I truly believe the best time to visit Istanbul is right now, immediately after the terrorist attacks. Just pay attention on my words below. Then you'll find the logic and couldn't agree more. I know the title is TOP 10 dangerous tourist spots in Istanbul and I'll give you my optional list below. Meanwhile, just read the statement. All of us are aware of the fact Istanbul is one of the most beautiful, colourful and exciting cities. Unfortunately, the terrorist attacks lately put the safety in that stunning city under serious threat. The tourists expectedly got scared and started cancelling their bookings. Especially after the last terrorist attack on June 28th at Ataturk International Airport, with 43 dead and more than 150 injured. Taksim square, Archive, June 2013, Istanbul protests I've been more than 12 times in Istanbul, I know it as well as I know my hometown. Versatile, multinational and never sleeping, Istanbul remained my favourite&nbsp