Why shopping in Dubai is a must | Tanya GO Travel
Shopping in Dubai is no longer just a snobbish fad. For the locals it's pretty much national culture. For the foreigners (who are much more than the locals) it's a real attraction. Shopping was established and developed as a wise money perpetuum mobile generator and is already well recognised as the main pillar of Dubai tourism. I saw it by myself, Shopping nowadays is surrounded by lots of additional conceits, which unnoticeably invite you to hang out longer and spend more. A huge percentage of the current Dubai turnover comes from the shopping tourism. Since Dubai has exhausted completely its oil resources, the government was forced to find other tools for keeping the glamour of this emirate. I find it extremely clever, investing in innovations and architecture wonders, erupting economy at another level and facing alternative income sources. Dubai Mall Shopping is already a cult in Dubai. Here it doesn't mean just visiting and rushing through the shops. It's