How Brexit made me LOL | Tanya GO Travel
Poor British! Half of them is devastated after the Brexit referendum. The other half is celebrating ...no idea what! Like an EU citizen, I was not prepared for such an outcome. On June 22-nd before Brexit referendum all the bookmakers have claimed it's completely sure UK is going to remain in EU. The share of the bets has been 75 to 25% in "remainers'" favour. The highest bet - 350 000 GBP from a "remainer". Well...when all of us woke up in the morning of June 24-th, we simply found out the bookmakers have been wrong. Eager to discover what actually happened and why everyone has been so mistaken, I started following the news, all publications, articles, TV shows and speeches, related to the referendum. OMG! I was nearly shocked - the current result of the vote could be achieved for only two possible reasons. First one is "the leavers" voting UK to go out of EU must be extremely stupid human beings. Their statements and explanations sound ridiculous, which is sad because they were 52%.