Lake Como, Italy – a fantastic getaway | Tanya GO Travel
I can't recall another place like this, able to provide such a sense of peace. Previously lake Como was completely unknown area to me. I have been many times in Italy (it's my absolutely favourite European country), but never had the chance to explore lake Como. But now I am able to confidently advise - the best time of the year to visit Como is in June. Then it's green, fresh, pleasantly chilly at nights, lake water is flat, the area is not overcrowded by tourists yet and the mosquito bites are still avoidable. The locals often make the joke their lake became popular after the Hollywood star George Clooney bought a villa on Como. The number of the followers and curious tourists was enormously enlarged, after he settled the property. Unfortunately, the Italian enthusiasm and fascination of the famous neighbour, were shortly gone. At the moment, the lake is already crowded, noisy, a bit dirtier and about to lose its charm and innocence. George Clooney's villa