A rainbow city break in Vienna | Tanya GO Travel
It's not just a single story. Vienna trip was a mixture of several vivid episodes. I decided to share this Vienna travel plot, provoked by the latest events in Orlando, Florida. The murder of 50 people in a gay bar, and 50 more wounded, all with gun shot injuries. Reading the comments afterwards, I realised how ridiculous is the suicidal habit of our society to divide people on right and wrong. As a tribute, I recalled my Vienna tour. It was funny, vibrant, colourful, glowing and liberating. This trip to the Austrian capital was carefully planned as a quiet prolong weekend, devoted to museums and sightseeing. All those plans crushed, at the moment I arrived in Vienna and found my stay coincides with the annual Gay parade there. Accidentally, I became a spectator of the rainbow party, that brought lots of emotions, fever and free spirit not only to the participants, but also to the Viennese citizens and the tourists, passing by. I have not had much