My crazy weird travel collections | Tanya GO Travel
I am a passionate collector. But definitely not a regular one. My weird collections were generated through lots of trips, step by step. It took me years and travels to fill it up. Proud to announce, I own some really strange exhibits, which cannot be exposed though. Most of my achievements were cumulated during the last 10 years. Some of them were gained unwittingly. Now I finally set the order and structured those collections. It's kind of a hobby to collect, isn't it? Some people collect toys, dolls, stamps, post cards, coins, badges, porcelain figures... I do collect too. The difference is I collect moments, not things . Those moments make me feel incredibly rich and you will understand why, reading the lines below. My weird collections include karaoke cities, full moons, traditional local clothes and flights. Possibly I have other collections too, but they are in a process of completion, so I'll leave it aside for the moment. Karaoke cities I guess