Sri Lanka – the new rising travel star | Tanya GO Travel
I fell in love with Sri Lanka at the time of landing. Early in the morning, a beautiful sunny day. The Emirates' aircraft was already over the island, when I woke up and looked through the window. I have never seen so many palms anywhere else. Sri Lanka is literally covered by palm trees and from a bird's eye it looks like an endless green sea. Still dizzy from the sleep, I was bewitched by its beauty. I was about to land at the most mysterious and magical island I have ever been to. I read a lot prior to my trip, trying to get prepared for what I am going to face in Sri Lanka. But despite all my efforts, this island managed to surprise me. There is everything here. Mountains, lakes, rivers, large green valleys, beautiful ocean, white sandy beaches, plenty of history, delicious unusual food. And in addition, I have never seen so many smiling, calm and down to Earth people, gathered at one place. I did not understand a word from their language, but whatever the locals