Cyprus – the island where myths come alive | Tanya GO Travel
My favourite place in Cyprus is Paphos so far. This small colourful town, full of myths and history, smells differently, breathes differently and lives its own independent life, untouched by time. Built on the Greek side of the island, Paphos charmed me by its calmness, endless sunny days and artistic atmosphere. The legend tells, just a few steps away from Paphos, goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite rose from the sea foam. She landed right at the coast of Paphos, where now Stone of Aphrodite could be seen. I found Cyprus is not only known as the birth place of the goddess of love, but also remains a very romantic and fascinating island nowadays. Paphos Promenade, Cyprus If you plan to go to Paphos, I would recommend to take a direct flight to the International airport next to the city. I did a mistake to pick a flight to the airport of Larnaca, 120 km away from Paphos. The other problem was the lack of direct bus line Larnaca-Paphos. I needed to switch