What my Qatari journey taught me | Tanya GO Travel
I can confidently say I love Qatar. Qatar was the journey of my life, that completely switched my thinking and modified my point of view. It opened my eyes, enlarged my horizons and pushed me to my limits. When I began that trip, I had no idea what to expect, but it definitely over jumped the bravest expectations. Unfortunately not only for better. Doha, view to the modern West Bay In my homeland Bulgaria I was raised among many different nationalities, religions and cultures. It taught me not to divide people by their skin colour, believes or traditions. Being a Christian, I consider myself luckier for not having any prejudice. On the contrary, I mainly aim to find the good in people. I used to think positive, by trying to understand the others, also not being scared by the unknown. The camels in Qatar are an important part of the local culture, worshiped at the annual camel race This brief introduction comes to say I arrived in Doha, Qatar open minded, ready to quickly