My quickest booked trip ever – Barbados, Caribbean | Tanya GO Travel
When my friend Bentley (he was named after the car) mentioned Barbados, I did not pay much attention to it. It happened in London, where we were co-workers, had really hectic, crazy, busy days and the last to think of was a trip to the Paradise (Barbados). Do you know the feeling when a seed is planted into the soil, it keeps being underneath not moving for months, suddenly starts rushing through and finally appears over? That's what happened with my Barbados seed, planted by Bentley into my mind, remained unnoticeable for a couple of months. Caribbean I have always dreamed to visit Caribbean, but the time never was the right one to manage it. And then I found myself free of duties, able to choose the direction and capable of booking the dream trip. At that moment, the Barbados seed blossomed speedily and believe it or not, I booked all related flights, accommodation and some activities within 60 minutes. No, this is not the craziest thing I have ever done :) I'll make you