A passionate traveller is dreaming for HOME | Tanya GO Travel
I have never thought the moment will come and I'll be dreaming of settling down. Reducing the intensity of my trips, no rush to the airport, no fever to jump on the next flight, not speedy packing at the very last moment...I just surprisingly found I need a place called HOME. Whole day long a refrain from my favorite Queen song is singing loud in my head: "I'm far away from home and I've been facing this alone for much too long". Usually this refrain takes tears out of my eyes, but not today. The truth is, I have no idea where my home is. I own a property, but can I call it home?! The question How many of you are 100% certain where their home is? I am not talking about a temporary accommodation, that covers your needs. I don't mean the place you rented to just survive. It's not about the country, you are stuck at the moment and have to deal somehow with the reality. There is a cliche the home is where the heart is. What if I have not given my heart yet? Still beating right