Cape Town, South Africa – the windiest place on Earth | Tanya GO Travel
If you plan a trip to Cape Town, South Africa, you should be aware of the wind. That's not a joke. The most recognizable characteristic of Cape Town is the all year round blowing, non-stop flushing and just time-to-time calming down wind. When I heard the stories for the first time, I thought those were just legends, myths, fairytales, because physically it's inexplicable to have daily permanent, strong wind. Well…in Cape Town it is. The locals believe February is the month of the year with no wind. I was there in February. The wind was still there, but I should to admit it, I experienced some almost quiet days. It was a real relief after the horrifying moments I faced in January. Just bear in mind January and February in Cape Town are the peak of the summertime in the Southern hemisphere. Clouds over Table Mountain I still remember one Sunday in the very end of January. I was planning an escape to the beach, but literally was unable to go out of my apartment. Firstly,