To be or not to be…a woman in Cape Town | Tanya GO Travel
I did not plan this trip. I just jumped on a plane and ended in Cape Town, South Africa. It was sort of an impulsive decision, after a really boring month in Johannesburg, where I first heard about the quiet confrontation between the biggest two cities in South Africa. It made me curious to uncover why the Jozzies ( local nickname of Johannesburg residents) consider the Capetonians arrogant, naughty and pompous. With the hope to find something really thrilling, I flew the two hour flight to the West. But the discovery took me much beyond my curiosity and expectations. Seeing good looking men in Cape Town happens at every step in this city. I have never seen before gathered at the same place so many well maintained men - a proper hair cut, well shaped, no eyebrow and no nose growing out hair, well dressed, fantastic tooth set …. Just a small detail …the chance any of those men to be straight and be interested in women is close to zero. Correct! Cape