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Sometimes I have the feeling I live at the airport. Non stop flying somewhere. Before it was a passion. Lately it's mostly a habit. Sometimes I want to stop, but I can't. I just love the airports smell and the hectic atmosphere there. Also the smiling rushing passengers, the breathless delaying departures, the butterflies into the stomach, while heading to a new destination, the leaking fear, prior to facing the unknown, the thrill, when at the plane "doorstep"... Air Berlin arrival at Djerba, Tunisia At the moment, I am hanging out at Istanbul International Airport, waiting for my connecting flight. The last a few months Istanbul airport became my second home. Not because I am a fan of Turkish Airlines. I don't want to be mean, but their performance is much poorer and questions their five year in a row award as the best European Airlines. I guess my evaluation comes after a comparison with the service at Emirates and at Qatar Airways, which is really good. To be fair, Turkish