When God is a Roman in Rome, Italy | Tanya GO Travel
Do you believe in coincidences? I mostly don't. I watched a movie long ago, named "The Celestine prophecy". The main subject was meant to actually destroy the theory of coincidence chain and then shared the idea there is no such a case as coincidence, but everything happens as it's meant to be, at the right time. In regard to that idea, we just need to observe and to read the signs, given to us. It is what actually happened with my last trip to Rome. A chain of coincidences, all of them meant to please me and to make my journey unforgettable. Being temporary careless, the other word for workless, I accidentally took a decision to fly to Rome for 2-3 days. Choosing the work days (starting from Wednesday), with the presumption Rome won't be as overcrowded as during the weekend. So I packed, bought the ticket, booked the hotel and made a plan where and what to visit. Why Rome? Simply said, it was the nearest sunny place, cheap and easy to fly to. I was eager to collect some sunny