A coin gets me back to Rome | Tanya GO Travel
I would probably never find out why the flight to Rome, Italy makes me so excited every time I do. Must be something really magical in that city, that pulls me back over and over again. Approximately every three to five years I am back. I have a hunch. The story is a bit weird, but made me to believe in miracles. About 12 years ago, I threw a coin into Fountain di Trevi, located in the heart of Rome. The legend says, if you want to come back to Rome, you should throw a coin over your shoulder in Fountain di Trevi. Regarding the hypothesis, that coin, laying on the bottom, grants the next visit and assures somewhere in the future return to the Eternal city. The locals also believe, if someone dares to take one of those coins out of the fountain, it causes years of bad luck. Underneath rest plenty of coins, coming from all over the world, different size, colour and nominal. My contribution to this extraordinary monetary collection was added in January 2005. It was a