In the heart of Africa – dancing Rwanda | Tanya GO Travel
Everyone can dance in Rwanda. This conclusion I simply made after spending two weeks in this small East African country. The local dances blew my mind away by the hypnotising rhythm of the traditional drums, called ingoma. It's the crucial ground of the Rwandan music and most of the movements are accompanied by that drum sound. If you watch a local Rwandan dance, you could fall into trance and can't keep your body peaceful. Watching the passionate dancers, I was not able to even blink, eager to get more and more, to see all of African stories told. Actually each Rwandan dance tells a story. Different costume colours and specific steps reveal the legends about tribes war, hunting, lifetime events, celebrations, weddings, escapes...The spectator feels like in a fairytale world, waiting for the next colourful etude, which brings a new surprise and switches all senses on. It's still a matter of prestige to be