The magic power of the bucket list | Tanya GO Travel
I never asked the people around me if they follow any bucket list. My family, my friends, some distant relatives and random mates...all of them look so busy and loaded by daily issues. I was not able to see dreamers in my environment. You know what I am talking about - that short or longer list of goals and targets, you should accomplish before...going to the college, before turning 40, before getting married, before having kids, and the most radical and large one - before die. As a very spontaneous person, I was quite suspicious about the bucket lists and their direct influence to life. I am almost 45, with my ups and downs, with a clear vision of all my achievements so far. They all came as a result of the choices I made, combined with some hard work. So, the thought to sit and write a bucket list did not look to me as a priority. Being also a practical person, I thought I could survive without. Expect unexpected Well...people say: "Never say never!" for a