10 curious facts about Rwanda | Tanya GO Travel
All began with my first Kigali walk. Stop!!! You don't know where Kigali is? It's the capital of the small central African country, called Rwanda. Plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, sweet potatoes everywhere. A lot of passion fruits. I get surprised by the roads - most of them in very good condition. It's fairly safe and clean. You can walk even at nights, with no threat anyone to touch or bother you. Everyone is inline to compare Rwanda with the neighbouring country of Kenya. But it's a controversial comparison. Kenya is slightly dirtier, dangerous and insecure. Rwandans, living in Kigali, are mostly residents coming back from Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Congo, after the genocide forced resettlement in 1994. It's a colourful mix. They speak French, English, Swahili and a local weed to me language, called Rwandan, having nothing in common with Swahili. Swahili is commonly spread in the neighbouring Kenya. Rwanda is very sage and comfortable for driving. The