An addicted world traveler symptoms | Tanya GO Travel
I was born a traveler. I was diagnosed much later, so my parents haven't had a clue that it was already in my veins and there is no cure for it. More than 60 countries on four continents (never been to Australia), a serious number of islands, variety of transportation, more than 300 flights...Never tired to pack and go. If someone calls me right now: "Tanya, in five minutes you should be ready, heading to the airport and leaving to New Zealand (for instance)" I'll be ready in three minutes, including a cab, booked to the airport. I cannot call it hobby, as the hobby is something you need just to fill up your spare time, when in a mood to. I am beyond the hobby point. To me traveling the world is an addiction, I was born with. It's a passion, which brought to me plenty of joy, emotions, knowledge and adrenalin I cannot live without. Some people are addicted to alcohol, some to drugs, some become gamblers, other - collectors. I am an addicted traveler, who can't survive without