War Has Changed – One Piece Ch 812-820 Review | And Once Again
Anyone who knows almost anything about me should be aware that One Piece is just about (if not) my greatest influence in practically everything I do. Until now I usually follow it along every few months until there's a gap of chapters where I will sit and binge, but it's time for that to change and add more content to my website in the process. Now I'm not exactly a NEET per se but a huge amount of time is spent looking like I am one, so with all that free time I figured maybe I should start to watch more anime and take notes to further myself with critical thinking and analysis. Start watching more shows and really think about what I'm seeing, why the characters behave the way they do, and then turn them into reviews. I'm going to be following One Piece weekly now and will write a review on it each week. To catch us up, this is a sort of condensed MEGA-REVIEW of chapters 812-820. Massive Spoilers A-Hoy! As the cast of One Piece keeps getting larger and the Strawhat Pirates