Tsugumomo Review- I Am a New Man | And Once Again
DISCLAIMER- I started writing this a month ago and I've been so damn lazy that I never finished writing it until today. I'm going to do more blogs though. Oh hey look at that. A manga review. I guess I used to do those, yeah? Maybe I should get back to writing out my thoughts on the random junk I read/watch. My sleeping schedule is weirdly different these days so I spend a lot of my nights laying in bed browing Batoto for anything new that catches my eye. I'll scan the popular manga series, but more often than now I'll just play Russian Roulette with the random button until I finally find someone that grabs my interest. I like looking for new and unique series with strange, outlandish premises and really good art. I found Tsugumomo a few days ago and binge read it within three days or so while working on my webcomic art and commissions queue. I should probably talk about something before I touch on the actual review, though... I've found myself having very different tastes lately. I