Sengoku Youko, A Wondrous Parade of 1,000 Demons | And Once Again
Yesterday I finished reading the 17 volume series Sengoku Youko from the woefully underrated mangaka Satoshi Mizukami. I mentioned I was going straight into it after I finished Hoshi no Samidare, the mangaka's other work since I was so impressed after reading it. But you had to think I might have had my hopes up way too high after his excellently crafted Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. Normally I'd agree with you, but Sengoku Youko ended up being a REALLY, REALLY good read that I would argue holds up just as well as Hoshi no Samidare- but at the same time I will also note that Sengoku Youko is not as 'complete' feeling as his first work. It reaches a proper ending and I'm very sure it wasn't cancelled, but it doesn't have the same satisfaction when I got to the ending that his first manga had. I'm going to chalk that up as Sengoku Youko being a much more ambitious and complex work than the simple narrative structure of Hoshi no Samidare had and at the end there were just a few too many