Rin is a Weird As Hell Manga But You Should Read It | And Once Again
Welp, I got in the mood to read one of them 'manga about making manga' earlier this week. Just something to get my blood boiling as a creator... It worked, and I read through the whole series of Rin by Harold Sakuishi. If you're familiar with him, he's the author of Beck. I haven't read Beck but I did watch the anime years ago and loved it, so it was a pleasant surprise. I went into the manga not knowing he was the one that made it and Beck's songs make often cameos and near the end of Rin the protagonist actually goes to a Beck concert and the whole band makes a cameo which was really nice. But hey, we aren't hear to talk about how good Beck is (although I should really read the full manga of Beck sometime...), we're here for me to go on about Rin. Rin was good. But it was a lot more than I bargained for. I went in knowing it was about a kid who wants to make manga and he ends up meeting a girl, Ichidou Rin, who has psychic powers. What I expected was a cool Bakuman-esque story but