Rakugo Shinju Tells A Story, Sure, But Not a Very Consistent One | And Once Again
I recently watched two popular anime from last season for the sake of going over them like this on my blog here and getting some content out for you fans. I'll be covering the other show, ReLife, sometime later but for now let's talk about Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju. Not sure where to start on this anime if I'm being truthful. I... liked it? But I also really didn't? I get why people do like it. It's hard not to see the appeal. It's different. There's not another anime quite like it that I'm aware of. It's set in the unique post-war world of Showa-Era Japan and follows the lives of two young Rakugo (a type of storytellers who perform entire stories acting out the characters themselves while in a sitting position) performers as they grow up together and aim to be Rakugo masters. I just want to know... what is it about this show that garners so much praise that it gets? It's worthy of some praise for sure but I can't quite dissect the appeal that makes certain people give it 10/10's and