Nurarihyon no Mago Was, Well, Pretty Good | And Once Again
Full Spoilers Ahead I finally finished going through the manga Nurarihyon no Mago by Shiibashi Hiroshi. My interested started to wane as I reached the 2nd to last arc so it took me a lot longer to work up the motivation it took to finish this series. But hey, it was a pretty fun one. But you're here cause you want to see me bitch about the things here and there I didn't care for aren't you? This manga had a really crappy start that made me groan a lot. The main character, Nura Rikuo, is the grandson of a powerful Yokai named Nurarihyon. The Nura clan headed by him is an influential gang of 100 Yokai, a Hyakki Yako (Night Parade) and it's Rikuo's job to become the successor. Only problem is he's only a quarter Yokai due to his grandpa and date both mating with humans, and for the first 3 or so volumes Rikuo tries to avoid this Yokai lifestyle. Which was very annoying because whenever night comes his body morphs into an ultra badass, smooth and confident Yokai form... I was REALLY afraid