Life, Death, and the Amazing Spirit Circle | And Once Again
Full Spoilers Ahead Spirit Circle is the third manga I've read by the mangaka Satoshi Mizukami. Hoshi no Samidare was an instant classic to me while Sengoku Youko was a thrilling escapade that while not as tight and perfect as the former still constantly impressed me and I fell in love with it just the same. Spirit Circle is the only other longer series he's made thus far but it's only 6 volumes. With it, I wanted to ascertain the truth of Satoshi Mizukami's talent. Is he a great author capable of churning out hit after hit, or is he a fringe creator who makes something really great and something ok on random? I need to be fully honest with you. After reading Spirit Circle I am convinced that Satoshi Mizukami is the most underrated mangaka I've possibly ever encountered. This was easily on the level of Hoshi no Samidare if not better depending on what you're looking for in a story. The Spirit Circle is a pretty cool weapon, but this isn't strictly a battle series. Don't expect one.