Holy Crap I Think I Hated ReLife? | And Once Again
Welp like I said I recently watched this anime during my vacation. Watched the whole thing in a few sessions with my girlfriend and I thought I might as well try out something popular that we could watch together so I could maybe write a blog about it. I wasn't sure what to expect, I read a few of the webcomic chapters ages ago but didn't really care for it. Was sort of surprised to learn it actually got an anime adaptaition. Good on more studies for taking chances on crazy properties... but this isn't exactly on the level of Mob Psycho 100 or anything like that. For those who don't know the story of ReLife goes as thus: Kanzaki Arata is a shut in at the age of 27 who only works part time. He's a failure and slight nervous wreck who randomly gets the chance to take a magic science pill which will make him look like he's 10 years younger again. With the physical appearance of a 17 year old, naturally the only thing to do is enroll in a kawaii Japanese High School as part of a weird,