Berserk Golden Age: The Egg of the King Movie, My Thoughts | And Once Again
It was much too long to be called an OVA... but it was far too short to be called a film. Well, if you guys didn't know for some reason I'm a gigantic fan of Kentaro Miura's Berserk manga series. Everything about the cruel Black Swordsman Guts's journey has touched and moved me in ways few other manga could ever dream of doing. It's a pretty big influence on my webcomic And Once Again if I'm being truthful, Guts being one of the primary sources of inspiration for Gekido. I never watched the old anime adaptation and I'm not really interested in doing so since it's older and it cut out a lot of stuff, and for the most part I was going to avoid these three anime films as well. But I was bored and I like to show my girlfriend stuff that she isn't into yet since I absorb so much fucking media. I felt the films would be a decent enough introduction to the story of Guts and Griffith since she doesn't usually just start a manga if I tell her to, plus she's not big on gore which is preeetty