An Update on My Duelyst Fanart, Webcomic and Commissions | And Once Again
Hey everyone from r/duelyst and readers of my webcomic. Since my webcomic readers might not be aware, I've been on a binge of making Duelyst sketch fanarts in my free time before I move this last week or two, here's a link to all that I've done so far , I wanted everyone to know that my move is starting on Monday and I will have full internet on Thursday, so I'm not going to be working on any new Duelyst sketches until after I move and my studio gets set up. I'm very, very excited as my dream is coming true. I've always wanted my own studio ever since I was young and knew I wanted to be an artist, and now it's finally coming true as when I move into my two-bedroom appartment the second bedroom is exclusively my studio. That being said, I'm stopping doing Duelyst sketches for a while even after I move in. I'm going to be working on a really big project for Duelyst fanart when I get set up and instead of showing you guys instantly like I always do I'm going to be