#Charlottesville: Heal the Wounds that Create Hate
In light of the Charlottesville, VA and all the other places that have witnessed violence, we must heal the wounds that create hate. The terrorism we worried about is here on U.S. soil. But the terrorists have not infiltrated our country, the terrorists are us. The terrorists are our neighbors and friends, not some suicide bomber from another country who came here to do us harm. They are someone we may know from our church, our town, our workplace. We’ve been looking in the wrong direction. We have been told to fear the wrong people, the wrong groups of people. We have been told to ostracize innocent people while the ones we thought were like us, who look like us, have jobs like us, go to the same stores, and churches as we do, they are the ones we should have been questioning – not those who are different from us. Those who appear different from us are just as scared as we are. Now is the time for healing and to heal we must discover, uncover, recover – [...]