Have You Ever Felt Rejected?
The other day I was working with a client who told me this story: As a young girl her dreams were to become a movie star and write movies. Writing plays came easily and during family gatherings her family and friends acted out the plays she wrote. She enthusiastically expressed her authentic self by dressing up in her mother’s high heels and twirling in the living room. Sometimes she would excitedly bring her mother bits of a play she wrote. Her mother would tell her, "Go to your room and be quiet. Go study and make something of yourself. Stop this foolishness, you’re never going to be a movie star or model, you’re too smart for that!” My client told me how rejected and unseen she felt. This client is a very capable professional who is also exceedingly creative. She has a lot going for her, yet she is frustrated that she has not yet written or produced a play that she has had in her head for years. She is plagued by writer’s block and worries about [...]