Why Tacoma is a Terrific Foodie Stop | Tacoma Downtown Merchants Group
Tacoma isn't as widely known as its famous neighbor, Seattle. But that doesn't mean it isn't a gem to behold to any traveler who comes upon it. A city that is as multifaceted as its art, Tacoma houses countless forms of entertainment. You could go visit their different museums.You can stroll leisurely along its lovely lake, chat with the animals in their zoo, or run around their many parks. out of all these pale in comparison to the dishes you can taste in this lovely city. Here are three good reasons why an avid food lover should visit Tacoma today. Things to do in Tacoma 1. Fresh from the Sea Fresh from the coast! Sitting on the banks of the Puget Sound definitely has some lovely perks. Aside from being a great place to go kayaking and sailing, Tacoma is also lucky enough to call dibs on some of the freshest seafood you'd have the luckiest pleasure to taste. Take a pick from a variety of fish! Eat some chowder here and then devour a lovely lobster there, Tacoma has so many seafood