Opt For Short Sale Now And Avoid Foreclosure | Tacoma Downtown Merchants Group
No individual could ever imagine that one day they'll be facing the possibility of foreclosure. But due to the economic turndown combined with a crash in the real estate market, these factors have resulted in a number of homeowners to lose their homes unfortunately. Luckily, one solution that can very solve this ordeal is by means of a short sale. A short sale is a process where a delinquent homeowner will sell his house to an investor in the hope that they will recover what the homeowner owes after the house is sold. So if you're interested in taking this route, then we suggest that you keep reading as we are going to tackle this topic on why you should opt for short sale now and avoid foreclosure. Why Real Estate Agents Encourage Homeowners To Choose Short Sale? Most likely, you have heard the term "short sales can protect credit". Well, this is partially true. Your credit will be affected you fall behind on the payment. However, one exception to this is that when you don't have